Device-specific settings to help prevent unwanted content on your kids’ screens

    Our new flexible parental controls are designed to give you peace of mind through the power to better manage what your kids watch. Streamers should be free to pick a package that’s right for them, and not worry about what young ones are watching on their devices in the next room. This way, you can watch those intense crime dramas in the master bedroom, but Pablo Escobar doesn’t become junior’s hero on a tablet.

    How do they work?

    We know most homes sign in across multiple smartphones, tablets and other TVs with their DIRECTV NOW account. That’s the beauty of a streaming service. But to make sure kids stay off channels you want to watch yourself, we’ve simplified the experience by making parental control settings device-specific. Meaning that every device streaming DIRECTV NOW can be configured to different parental restrictions.

    Parental Controls Menu Screen


    Here’s how you make changes. While watching DIRECTV NOW, pull up “Settings” and you’ll find “Parental Controls” at the top of the list or under “Preferences” (depending on your device). Using this feature allows you to restrict specific ratings for movies, TV shows and other programming. For example, anything above PG-13 movies can be set as “off-limits.” You’ll then be asked to create a four-digit pin number that’s required to access content that falls under these restricted categories.

     Pin-entry screen for big-screen streaming devices


    Kids are smart…

    Whether we like it or not, children are growing up with advanced technology in their hands and have an instinctive knowledge of how to get around roadblocks we put in place. To make sure they can’t simply reset the password themselves, we’ve made you the only one with that power. After five incorrect PIN entry attempts, they will be required to go through the “Forgot PIN” process. This means they’ll also have to get past a second, more complex password governing the entire account.

    Stream On!

    Customers will begin seeing this feature appear on iOS and tvOS devices today, but others will see the new feature soon. Now that the kids are safe, get back to streaming the content you love, worry-free. Check back soon for more new features and updates coming this year!

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